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Job Descriptions and Salary Schedule

Jobs Description and Salary Schedule

Full-time positions at the City are assigned to a job classification with an established salary range. Each range has five steps at approximately 5% intervals. Employees generally advance at the rate of one step per year up to the top of the range.  

Below is the Salary Schedule for each job classification. You may view the complete Job Description for each job classification by clicking on it either below or on the list to the left.

This is not a list of job openings. Please refer to our Job Openings to see our open recruitments.

Salary Schedule

Account Clerk
4,622-5,618 per month

6,258-7,607 per month

Administrative Assistant
5,195-6,314 per month

Administrative Clerk
4,894-5,948 per month

Assistant City Attorney
11,265-13,693 per month

Assistant Civil Engineer
6,960-8,459 per month

Assistant Director of Public Works
10,274-12,488 per month

Assistant Planner
6,268-7,619 per month

Associate Civil Engineer
7,501-9,116 per month

Associate Planner
6,755-8,211 per month

Building Inspector
7,118-8,652 per month

Building Official
9,339-11,352 per month

Capital Improvement Program Manager
9,328-11,338 per month 

Case Manager
5,065-6,156 per month

City Attorney
18,679 per month 

City Clerk
8,152-9,909 per month

City Manager 
17,822 per month

City Planner
9,395-11,420 per month

Code Enforcement Officer
5,795-7,044 per month

Community Relations Coordinator
5,989-7,279 per month 

Deputy City Attorney 
8,105-9852 per month

Deputy City Clerk
5,365-6,521 per month

Director of Admin Services
12,075-14,678 per month

Director of Community Development
11,885-14,446 per month

Director of Parks & Recreation
12,062-14,662 per month

Director of Public Works
12,852-15,621 per month

Economic Development Manager
9,383-11,405 per month

Engineering Technician
5,871-7,137 per month

Environmental Programs Assistant
5,912-7,187 per month

Environmental Programs Manager
7,792-9,472 per month

Equipment Mechanic
5,405-6,570 per month

Executive Assistant to the City Manager
5,733-6,968 per month

Facility Attendant
3,545-4,310 per month

Finance Director
9,428-11,460 per month

GIS Coordinator
6,059-7,364 per month

Human Resources Analyst
6,326-7,690 per month

Human Resources Analyst II
6,975-8,478 per month

Human Resources Assistant
4,894-5,948 per month

Human Resources Director
9,328-11,338 per month

Human Resources Technician
5,780-7,026 per month

Human Resources Technician II
6,373-7,746 per month

Information Technology Assistant
5,007-6,086 per month

Information Technology Manager
9,074-11,030 per month

Legal Services Manager
5,739-6,976 per month

Maintenance Worker I
3,957-4,810 per month

Maintenance Worker II
4,581-5,572 per month

Maintenance Worker III
5,303-6,452 per month

Management Analyst
6,747-8,201 per month

Media Coordinator
5,295-6,436 per month

Network Specialist
6,612-8,036 per month

Office Assistant
3,906-4,748 per month

Park Restoration and Improvement Manager
9,328-11,338 per month

Permit Technician
4,934-5,997 per month

Plan Check Engineer
7,538-9,162 per month

Public Affairs Director
9,074-11,030 per month

Public Works Inspector
7,118-8,652 per month

Public Works Project Manager
7,962-9,678 per month

Public Works Supervisor
7,118-8,652 per month

Recreation Assistant
2,516-3,058 per month

Recreation Coordinator
4,843-5,886 per month

Recreation Supervisor
6,955-8,454 per month

Senior Building Inspector
7,605-9,244 per month

Senior Civil Engineer
9,405-11,433 per month

Senior Code Enforcement Officer
6,084-7,396 per month 

Senior Management Analyst
7,235-8,794 per month

Senior Office Assistant
4,337-5,272 per month

Senior Planner
7,244-8,805 per month

Senior Recreation Supervisor
7,668-9,321 per month

Street Lighting Worker
5,162-6,275 per month

Sustainability Manager
7,792-9,472 per month

Traffic Signal Technician
6,585-8,004 per month

Traffic Signal Technician Apprentice 
5,688-6,914 per month

Web Specialist
6,487-7,885 per month 




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