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Community Development - Planning
Tel: 408.777.3308      Fax: 408.777.3333     Email:
The Planning Division provides efficient and responsive professional planning services to the community and implements city development policies, programs, and regulations. The primary responsibilities of the Planning Division are to assist the community to plan and foresee future land uses and policies and to review current development proposals for conformance with the City’s adopted policies and ordinances. The Planning Division administers land use regulations while striving to enhance the livability of Cupertino by fostering a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community environment.
 Planning Counter Hours                                                    
 Day  Morning  Afternoon
 Monday  7:30-9:00; 10:00-12:00  1:00-5:00
 Tuesday  7:30-12:00  1:00-5:00
 Wednesday  7:30-12:00  1:00-5:00
 Thursday  7:30-12:00  1:00-5:00
 Friday  7:30-12:00  1:00-5:00

 *Hours are subject to change. The Counter will be closed from Friday December 23, 2016 through Monday January 2, 2017.The Counter will reopen Tuesday January 3, 2017.

Electronic Plan Submittal is Required
The Cupertino Building and Planning Divisions now require electronic plan set submittals as of March 1, 2016. 

Paper plan sets may be required for outside agencies.

Please call or email prior to submitting for complete details and submittal requirements:

Planning: or 408-777-3308
Building: or 408-777-3228

The services and duties of the Planning Division are guided by several government codes, regulations, statutes and other procedural documents, including but not limited to:

The Planning Division serves as staff to the City Council on land use issues and to the following regular commissions and committees:
The Assistant Director of Community Development serves as the Hearing Officer for Administrative Hearings. Planning Division staff review and present projects to the Hearing Officer for a decision on certain projects as outlined in the Cupertino Municipal Code. These decisions are posted online here.
 Agendas and minutes of these commissions, committees and meetings, when available, are posted online.
The Planning Division Staff also provides assistance to local and regional planning efforts of interest to the City of Cupertino. In addition, staff provides assistance to community stake holders, such as residents and business owners, in order to foster a broader understanding of municipal planning and development.

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