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Green Cupertino

Welcome to Cupertino's Green Program 

Cupertino is committed to maintaining our City as a sustainable place to live, learn and work for all of our residents. To achieve this goal the City must balance its economic, social and environmental goals to ensure the existing and future prosperity of our community members, businesses and natural resources.

Green Grants & Tree4FreeProgram
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, the City proudly announces two new grant opportunities to support Cupertino residents in taking actions that will conserve resources in our community and protect our planet. The first opportunity, titled Go Green Grants, seeks to expand the reach of the city and county’s existing energy and water conservation programs by providing residents with the financial means to make improvements in their homes, businesses, schools, churches, etc. Alternatively, the mission of Cupertino’s new Tree4Free program will grow our city’s urban canopy to offer community-wide air quality, energy savings and carbon sequestration benefits by providing a free tree to all interested residents and businesses. To learn more, visit links above or call our team at 408-777-7603.

Our Green Vision
The practice of “sustainable development” was first defined in 1987 in the United Nations Brundtland Commission Report titled Our Common Future as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Cupertino builds its own vision for sustainability upon this definition by striving to protect equity, economy and ecology throughout our locality.

Acterra Video - Earth Day 2009Our commitment to sustainability at the City-level has been strengthened in recent years and we invite you to review our progress on our new City Sustainability Actions web page or peruse the Sustainability Section of our General Plan. And though we are proud of our achievements, it is ultimately the collective action of our residents, academic partners and local businesses that will enable us to truly call Cupertino a “sustainable city.”

So we invite you to join us to chart our course and track our progress to minimize our environmental impacts and maximize our health and welfare as a single, unified community. The City presents the following informational resources to aid you in this process as a homeowner, parent or student, and an employee. We welcome your feedback regarding the content and action items represented among these pages and hope you will send your ideas to
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